Cleaning a BBQ Grill with a Wire Brush

Did you know there are significant health risks associated with outdoor grilling when a wire brush is used to clean the grill?

Medical facilities dealing with throat and gastro issues across the country are reporting an increase in the number of cases where wire from grilling brushes have been ingested. The wire becomes lodged in the throat or intestinal tract often requiring surgery.

This situation occurs when the wire brush is run over the grilling surface and particles of wire break off and lodge into a piece of food residue. When the next BBQ takes place the wire is transferred to the meat or vegetable and ingested.

Fortunately, a new product takes away this risk. Grill Blaster is a metal device consisting of two metal plates that are adjusted to fit most grilling surfaces. The grill is turned to high heat and through the process of sublimation raises the temperature over 600 degrees. This often takes only 10 -15 minutes. When the smoke stops the process is complete. All food particles are turned to carbon ash. The ash is whisked away and you haveĀ a sterile safe grilling surface.

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